Essential information required for quoting

Apart from quantities to be quoted on, the following information is required in as much detail as possible.

Bill of material (BOM) in spreadsheet form including the following info

  1. Component designators. eg R1, C3 etc
  2. Number of times each part is used in BOM
  3. Full part description and value eg Capacitor 47 nF 25V X7R 20%
  4. Part footprint or package eg 0603, SOIC14,
  5. Any specified component manufacturer and manufacturer’s part number


Qty Designator Value Description Manufacturer Part No.
2 C18, C25 18PF Capacitor, 50V, 5%, NPO, 0603 YAGEO CC0603JRNPO9BN180

PCB Overlay for each side if applicable and any available assembly drawings


Please ensure that the supplied drawings are legible and that polarities and pin number references are included.

Please include any special assembly instructions ie board mods etc.

PCB Details

Please send us your PCB gerbers so that our Technical Support team can review and provide feedback on any issues that could affect production.

Whilst it is preferred that we panelise your PCB’s to ensure maximum efficiency, if they are already panelised then please also forward the panelised gerbers so that we can obtain quotes for solder paste stencils.

If your PCB’s are not yet panelised then our optimum size as a guideline is 180mm x 240mm including waste strips. We can accommodate larger panels to a maximum of 320 x 340 but this is not recommended as it can impact on yield.

We require fiducial marks on diagonal corners of the panel waste strips. Optimum shape is 1.5mm round with a clear area around them.

Tooling holes are also recommended, these should be 4mm in diameter and centralised in each corner of the waste strip.

Pick and Place data

Programming SMD machines requires XY coordinates of all SMD components. This is normally generated as a TXT or CSV file.